Enjoy Chik-Hen Make Your Tummy Happy

Enjoy what you really love this season. Like creamy Mashed Potatoes topped with juicy fried chicken, gravy, and more. Let the KINGS-WINGS be your second home.

About Kings Wings

Who We ARE

One of the fastest growing cloud  kitchen chains in  & around Andhra Pradesh , Telangana & Karnataka Since 2016. Currently, we have three Outlets opened in Andhra Pradesh. Our Mission is to spread the real Veg and Non-Veg taste all over India by having outlets in different cities and states.

Our Vision

KING’S WINGS in a Short time has Distinguish itself and come to emerge as the districts market leader due to its unwavering commitment to quality Fried Chicken, Pizzera Burger, Wraps, Mocktails Etc… Available to a large customer base at valuable prices.

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Fried Wings
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Chicken Burgers
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Shawarma Special
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Get the Taste of Our Favorite Dishes

Kings wings are specialized in Both Non-Veg and Veg Dishes. The must – try dishes at any of Kings Wings are the Chicken Grill, Shwarma, Pop Corn Chicken, Hot Wings, Loli Pops Chicken, Veg and Non-Veg Wraps, Masala Fries, Veg Nuggets, Burgers and Pizzas. The nascent Mocktails, Milk Shakes, Thick Shakes and coffe delights add ons adds a different flavour with all these dishes.
In an ever-evolving market, Kings Wings believes in delighting the customers with new innovations in its menu and this keeps us way ahead of competition.

Kings Wings is open to Franchising


Wanting to relish in your own Kings Wings location??
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